Spiritual Care for People Affected by Dementia

“I will be with you.” –Exodus 3:12

Why spiritual care?

Living with dementia, whether your own or your dear one’s, can present existential challenges. You may wonder what life means now, what the future will bring, and how you will find the strength to face it.

How I Can Help

Through spiritual care, I will accompany you as you make this journey, to help you to connect to your sources of strength, hope and resilience even as you experience fear, anger and confusion.

How does it work?

I offer spiritual care to people from all faith backgrounds in my West Mt. Airy office, or by SKYPE or home visit. Together we will develop an agreement about how often and how many times to meet together.

To learn more, call 215 266 3647 or email rabbidayle@growingolder.net.

Listen to Rabbi Dayle discussing dementia spiritual care on a recent Jewish Sacred Aging podcast.

Explore some helpful hints for accompanying people with dementia.

I have been a spiritual caregiver for over thirty years. I have walked the dementia path as both a family member and as a professional, companioning thousands of elders and their families. I have experienced both pain and joy along the way, and I have seen a broad range of responses to dementia.