A Blessing for Growing Older



May you see the blessing in all your days,

Notice beauty and sweetness, and be amazed.

May you love without bound,

Ever feel God surround.

May you mend and tend,

May you learn without end.

May you see the blessing,

May you seize the blessing,

May you be a blessing in all your days.


How many adventures you’ve had on your way

Delights to be sure, also loss and dismay

Your vision has broadened, your heart opened wide,

Your wisdom deserves to be prized.


You know now what counts, with the rest you are through,

You hold paradox and see gray, it is true.

No more playing safe, from your core you’ll not veer,

Treasure this moment, it’s dear.


Lyrics, melody and vocals: Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman © 2012

Accompaniment: Peter Simpkins