Welcome to Rabbi Dayle Friedman's Growing Older Blog

How can we grow and deepen as we age? The Growing Older Blog is an exploration of
the many dimensions of this key question. I am delighted to share posts inspired
by my work as a pastoral caregiver, spiritual director and medical ethics
consultant. I would love for this blog to be an invitation for dialogue. I hope
you will share your comments and suggestions!


There is always more we can do

Years ago, my family’s matriarch, Grammy Anne, lay in intensive  care. The family was shocked and confused. Just last year this dignified, spunky 86 year-old had been taking college courses. Now,  she was connected to tubes from every orifice, delirious and barely...

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What Calls You Beyond Midlife

We come full, not empty, to new callings beyond midlife. Mary Catherine Bateson says that we bring with us wisdom garnered from experience, combined with energy, and at least some freedom. She calls this rich accumulation active wisdom. But how do we...

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Contemplating Dying

The origin of the human being is dust, her end is dust. He earns his bread by exertion and is like a broken shard, like dry grass, a withered flower; she is like a passing shadow and a vanishing cloud, like a breeze that blows away and dust that scatters,...

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Get Wisdom; moving toward the essential

Aging, I feel…is a process that is alive and happening, growing up and getting closer, moving toward the essential. —Debra Winger My late mother-in-law, Miriam, had a very fruitful old age. She did not climb mountains or work at a career. She did not...

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A Time to Heal: Cultivating Forgiveness

Evelyn, a nursing home resident, complained bitterly and regularly about her children. They had “dumped” her in this place; they didn’t invite her to live with them; they didn’t care about her. Kathy, a visitor, tried to interest Evelyn in other topics of...

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