Read Rabbi Dayle’s recent column about parent-child relationships in midlife and aging in Hadassah MagazineAlso read about Rabbi Dayle’s work to bring meaning to people beyond midlife in an article by Rahel Musleah in Hadassah Magazine.

Rabbi Dayle’s upcoming scholar-in-residence program at Congregation Shirat Ha-Yam in Ventnor, NJ profiled in S. Jersey Jewish Community Voice.

Read about Rabbi Dayle’s presentation to the 2018 Southeastern Pennsylvania Dementia Conference.

Listen to Rabbi Dayle on Seekers of Meaning podcast, with host, Rabbi Richard Address, and H.R. (Rick) Moody. Podcast is available here.

Restoring Our Spirits, a support group for caregivers of people with dementia, will be held on Zoom this fall. Stay tuned for details. 

Upcoming presentations

Congregation Shirat ha-Yam, Ventnor, NJ, Scholar-in-Residence, July 13-14.

Temple Beth Shalom, Brigantine, NJ, September 23, 2018.

Round Hill Community Church, Greenwich, CT., October 16.