Treatment Decisions

The need: from whence will my help come?

When you or your loved ones are facing life-limiting illness, deciding about medical treatment can be excruciating. There is so much that medical science can do, but we need discernment in making these wrenching choices. Are the burdens of a given treatment worth its benefits? Is it time to fight for life at any cost, or is it time to allow death to come? Too often, the busy context of medical care offers little help.

What I bring

As a chaplain, I have accompanied thousands of elders and their families through the complex world of medical treatment. As co-founder of a medical ethics committee and as a consultant, I have helped healthcare organizations develop educational and policy resources that foster clarity and values-driven healthcare ethics.

How I can help

I will work with you or your family to sort through the complex information and emotions you face as you approach medical treatment decisions. I can help you cut through the confusion to sort out what is most important to you now, and to make choices that align with your goals and values. I will work with you around a specific decision crux, or over the course of time.

To explore working together, please contact me.

My Grammy Annie, age 75, having a blast on a cruise.

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