Jewish End of Life in a Virtual Age book cover

Jewish End-of-Life Care in a Virtual Age: Our Traditions Re-imagined

Edited by Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, Rab Simcha Paull Raphael and Rabbi David Levin

A rich collection of resources for clergy, spiritual caregivers, helping professionals, and families confronting death and mourning in unprecedented times, this volume offers historical insight on the evolution of Jewish death rituals in times of crisis; provides guidance for online spiritual care and mourning; directions for bioethical dilemmas in the face of scarce medical resources; and offers a selection of innovative end-of-life liturgies. This volume meets the needs of our present era and offers wise direction for the unknown future of Jewish end-of-life care beyond the pandemic.

Albion-Andalun (2021
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Cover image of Jewish Wisdom for Growing Older by Dayle Friedman

Jewish Wisdom for Growing Older: Finding Your Grit and Grace Beyond Midlife


By Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman

My sense is that the whole journey beyond midlife is a mysterious blend of light and dark, wholeness and fragility…. We have a chance beyond midlife to become the person we were truly meant to be. We can draw on everything we have experienced so far to contribute to the people around us and the wider world, and to find strength and resilience amid the challenges. —from the Introduction

Jewish Lights Publishing (2015)
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Book cover for Jewish Visions of Aging by Rabbi Dayle Friedman

Jewish Visions for Aging: A Professional Guide for Fostering Wholeness


By Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman

Hardcover: 236 pages
Jewish Lights Publishing (2008)

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Photo of Dayle Friedman's Book Jewish Pastoral Care, A Practical Handbook

Jewish Pastoral Care: A Practical Handbook From Traditional and Contemporary Sources


Edited by Rabbi Dayle Friedman

Paperback: 480 pages
Jewish Lights Publishing;
2 Rev Paperback edition (2010)

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